Finally Together On Time (2011)

Performative dialogue « On Time » between Bojana Kunst & Ivana Müller; presented in the context of a residency at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Paris, France, november 2011 and as a part of Performance Studies International (PSI) Conference, Athens, Greece, november 2011.

“Time” can be seen  both as something inevitable and something that we don’t automatically “have” and which we therefore have opportunity to “re-make”. This encounter juggles with the idea that working together is a process in which we learn to modulate time differently, and in which we “give ourselves” to the collaboration not only during the time of “the project” but mostly outside of it.

This performative pas-de- deux offers different un-institutional ways through which a collaboration can develop due to the lack of Time/Space frame that the 2 collaborators can share within a project: different modes of accidental meetings, coffee breaks, long skype talks, commissions of texts, video messages, e-mail exchanges. Although the lecture starts from the personal experience, it deals with the universal “problem” of Time and its “capitalization” in the contemporary society and with different strategies through which the Time in which we are not together but desire to be, can produce surprisingly creative ‘(un)temporary frames’.

watch « Finally Together On Time » video HERE