Lovely Performance

Lovely Performance addresses the subject of accidental heroism, creation of fiction and  notions of absence and presence as both being performative modes. It is comprised of Lovely Live, Lovely Video and Lovely Book. The piece proposes a protocole through which a spectator reads the book, watches the video and observes the stage action. In a non-linear way and through those three different realities, a spectator follows a voyage of Lovely, a slightly mysterious female character which happens to find herself on different places where, accidentally, she becomes a hero….

Lovely Performance is a second solo in the trilogy of solos based on 3 female characters and topics of innocence (Indivisible View, 1999), heroism (Lovely Perofmance, 2002) and knowledge (How Heavy Are My Thoughts, 2003).

Lovely Performance was created by Ivana Müller (concept, idea, texts, performing), in collaboration with Siegmar Zacharias (assistant-director), Nils De Coster (directing, filming and editing of Lovely Video), Darko Fritz (graphic design of the Lovely Book), Ivo Bol (music-composition) and Onno van der Zee (light design, set, technique).

Lovely Performance is co-produced by Gasthuis Theater (Amsterdam) and financially supported by Fonds voor de poduimkunsten (The Nederlands) and Mama Cash. Fondation.




lovely video


lovely book