This video was created in 2015 as an answer to invitation of Lisa Alexander/ BIOS (Athens)  for Love Letters to a (Post-)Europe,  a curated event of short works performed in the context of a rapidly changing Europe and in a city whose country was and still is bearing the brunt of austerity.
In the Greek language there are more than four words for Love. Five years ago Europe entered a deep crisis indicating something that ran a lot deeper still, ‘a crisis of social imagination’ in which economic dogma had ‘taken hold of public discourse’ according to Berardi. This also marked the start of Europe’s uprising by its people: the encampments in Madrid, Athens, Rome, London and beyond. The body’s presence in public squares confirmed something infinite and unquantifiable to a global system. Now we seem to have come full circle and economic dogma is being used to inflict regime change. There has been a lot of debate on what has been enacted in the name of Europe over the last few months.

Artists’ participation was an expression of solidarity with Greece. Everyone involved was covering his/her own expenses and Athens-based artists are hosting visiting artists. All the artists donated a percentage of the box office to Solidarity for All – a charity working in both a practical and informational way with all those facing the consequences of precarity in Greece – be the citizens, immigrants or refugees.

Participating artists:
Kate Adams (UK), Demosthenes Agrafiotis (GR), Brian Catling & David Tolley (UK),Tim Etchells (UK),
Alec Finlay (UK) performance: Haris Attonis, Wendy Houstoun (UK), Brian Lobel (USA/UK), Georgios Makkas (GR), Kira O’Reilly (IR/UK) performance: Vassiliki Dimou , Erica Scourti (UK/GR), Maria Sideri (GR), Jungmin Song (KR), Yoko Tawada (JP/DE), cris cheek (UK), Robin Deacon (UK/USA), Matthew Goulish (USA) performance: Evdokia Delipetrou, Guy Harries (UK), Steven C Harvey (UK), Catherine Hoffmann (UK), Georgios Makkas (GR), Mikhail Karikis (GR/UK), Claire MacDonald (UK), performance: Evangeli Fili, Ivana Müller (HR/FR), Mariela Nestora (GR) and group*, Florence Peake (UK), Anna Sherbany (UK), Nikki Tomlinson (UK)