15 minutes of opportunism


15 Minutes Of Opportunism was created in response to a commission of Paz Rojo for the occasion of the I M T O G E T H E R festival in October 2009 in Groningen.

In the commission Paz Rojo asked Ivana Müller to do a 15 minutes solo dealing with the ambiguity between Opportunity and Opportunism, in which IM needed to be physically present and in which there would be no video projection. What Paz wanted was basically to see Ivana performing live.

So, Ivana took this commission as an opportunity
to stage herself
to stage the act of performing / performance
to stage the idea of the consequence which that moment might have had for her future and the future of the spectator
to stage the doubt of performing not good enough
to stage the strategies she wanted to use in seducing the spectator
to stage herself as a tourist
to stage herself as a suicide bomber
to stage herself with a parachute
to stage herself on a mission

And, she took this commission as an opportunity
to be physical
to smoke
to wear high heals
to have a giant back-pack
to be observed
to loose control over herself
to put herself in a special thinking mode
to sing
to dance
to be tragic
to be theatrically uncorrect

and to leave without saying goodbye.

15 minutes of opportunism was performed on 10 October 2009 at the Grand Theatre in Groningen (NL).

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