This letter was written to Bojana Kunst, as a participation in  The Congress »Prognoses on Movement(s): 10 Future Scenarios« Performances and Lectures, held in Berlin in June 2008. The letter was read by Emil Hrvatin for the occasion.

Dear Bojana,
I am not there but I see us working.
You are not here but I see you responding.

I am anticipating our next meeting, the one that will happen in Berlin, in some days, in the context of a conference on future.
I see you reading this text.
Here and now, in Berlin.
I am anticipating that moment, days before it really happens,
here and now at home in Paris.
I can only imagine the event.
I can imagine you standing there, in the light, reading this email aloud.
It is like theatre.
When we make theatre, we prepare ourselves for the moment of the meeting with the spectator; that moment in the future that will become our mutual here and now.
Days and days in advance … trying to imagine how it is all going to be.
Rehearsing that moment over and over again.

Rehearsing its potentiality, its accuracy, its power, even, absurdely, its authenticity.

In fact, a big part of working in theatre is conditioning our future together.

Here and now I am again in this situation that the two of us like to put ourselves into:
the situation of no time, of dead-line-long-time-crossed, of the future that is not future any more, but somehow increesingly becoming present.
Once again the limitations are so extreme that only this strange mix of intuition and believe can be the right way to think, act and create.
It almost becomes our methodology.
And once again, just like always when working together,we are reanimating that « dead » line, making it not to die, making it active and performative, making it be our friend.

And now Bojana, here we are. We are in the future.

This is the moment in which the crowd is coming in and there is no more space to imagine it, as we look at them right infront of us. Now. We look at them. Me standing next to you, on your right… also wearing black.

we are now together in the future.

me imagining it

you performing it!

strongly, to the point and with an extremely good timing!

and I am looking at you, together with everybody else in the audience.

as we meet in this future here and now